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Depending on your interests and abilities, you may choose to pledge your support and interest through an annual amount of $25 or more. Ambassadors are eligible for an exclusive 12% discount on selected items available from our catalog.

With powerful material at their disposal, Ambassadors are better equipped to encourage family, friends and parish to rekindle the active aspects of the Devotion through the Enthronement and Monthly Reparation Hour promotion, and recruit them to join the Sacred Heart Legion.

Convenient and accessible material explores the historical, scriptural and logical foundations of the Catholic Faith.  Use some of the strongest tools in evangelization to answer the challenges and assertions of secular culture, enemies of the Faith and confused Catholics.

Welcome Package .

Receive two, 40 minute presentations by Raymond de Souza for FREE with your initial, annual Ambassador pledge.

Given LIVE at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart. It provides an overview of the devotion and the groundbreaking promises Our Lord Jesus Christ gave to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

Exploring and refocusing on the virtues of meekness, humility and zeal. Learn about the necessity of this Devotion today, and our response as discerning Catholics to the 12 Promises.

You will also receive your

  • FREE copy of our computer-friendly DVD on 'De-Christianization and the Catholic Counter-Revolution', Raymond's best talk (watch the full DVD online here!)
  • Ambassador Pledge Certificate


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