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The Sacred Heart Institute is proud to offer you audio CDs, DVDs and a growing collection of books focused on our specialty: Catholic Apologetics!

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Listen to Raymond de Souza's witty, compelling presentations whenever you want; at home, with a group or when on the run! These talks cut to the core of the most important questions Catholics are asking worldwide , and give you your answers in forty-minute punches.

Don't miss our special series on the '12 Promises of the Sacred Heart'! Only available from the Sacred Heart Institute, and brought to you by Saint Gabriel Communications.

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The Sacred Heart Legion depends on your generosity to continue reaching out to Catholics worldwide. 

While we are not a 501(c)3 charity, and therefore cannot provide tax deductible receipts, we invite you to pledge your support, and receive certain gifts and benefits in return. 

If you pledge at $25 or more, we will respond with our special Welcome Package, register you as an Ambassador with the Legion, and provide you with our special 12% discount on selected items as long as you remain with us.  Visit our online catalog!

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